Rose Ghazarian 


Art & Edu Zine

Art & Edu is an educational and informational zine showcasing art and design careers/higher educational majors for art focused teens. In this zine, eight undergraduate students in a variety of majors answer questions regarding basic understandings of what their expereince is like pursuing their major of choice.

Riso printed & Saddle Stitch bound
Limited 35 Qty 1st edition copies
8”x 7”/8”x 14” spreads

Senior Project                                                                    2023

ExOra-A Pop Up Experience

ExOra is a limited time pop-up experience where individuals share anonymous conversations amongst strangers to release
turmoil they experienced during
the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Promotional Material
24”x 36” promo poster
3” x 5” ticket 
4” x 6” postcards 
1080 x 1080 px instagram posts
Type & Alternative Media                                                    2022

In Rainbows-VR Walkthrough

Inspired by Radiohead's In Rainbows, this project highlights the visual and musical elements within the album’s narrative. The following illustrations are concepts of a virtual reality experience with interactive animated elements via text, sound, and motion.

Digital Renders
concept images only
Type & Alternative Media                                                    2021

Burnt Out

Overworking yourself can sometimes compromise your thoughts, emotions, and overall feelings towards starting new projects. In this Animation, we take a visual look at what it's like to go through burn out. From wanting to create unique compositions and ideas to nothing going right; this Animation is a representation and visual documentation of the honesty behind your brain not functioning correctly.

Digital 2-D Animation
Procreate & Adobe After Effects